YAL @ NC State debuts Constitution Week

NC State kicked off Constitution week with a bang! With over 60 new sign ups for our mailing list, a week long of exposure in the brickyard, and a strong new freshmen class coming in from our fall recruitment drive, our chapter continues to strengthen its grasp on campus.

const board


Set up on our right, we painted a board where students could walk by, pick up a marker and show their support of the Constitution by putting their own John Hancock on our “WE THE PEOPLE… Support the Constitution!” board. By day 3 it was cluttered with signatures but the student body found nooks and crannies to sign away. We even had members of our campus police stop by and show their support too! 


police signing

On our left we had 2 boards: one with the Bill of Rights, but also a board of Constitutional Contradictions looming above featuring legislation from the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Students curiously walked up to the two boards and asked questions about the list of contradictions, ranging from ‘how are these legal?’ to ‘who supported these bills?’. Many were disgusted with the truth and signed up for our mailing list. 

bill of rights

The week long effort finally came to a halt after the end of the week and constitutions were becoming scarce. We made a big impact on campus: we handed out over 250 pocket constitutions, received coverage from our campus newspaper and our school year book, received over 60 new signups, and opened the eyes of thousands to the inconsistencies in the federal government.


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