YAL @ NC State takes over Wolfpack Welcome Week!

As the school year began, YAL @ NC State prepared for the first school wide club fest: Wolfpack Welcome Week! After setting up the table, our group’s officers were the first to introduce the freshman class to the best and most active political group on campus! With candy and freedom available to everyone, over 80 students signed up for our mailing list.


We planned to hold our first meeting at our local liberty bar directly across the street from campus. The only thing left was to make sure everyone knew. Our leadership diligently took their time to call everyone who signed up, leaving personal messages as a reminder of our first meeting.

As the time approached, the bar quickly filled and our planning for the semester had begun! We filled new officer roles, and the steps to preparing for Constitution Week were well on their way. NC State is looking to be a real powerhouse this year! Check out this awesome team!

group picture 1

group 2

Stay tuned for updates on our chapter’s Constitution Week events!

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