Yal-O-Ween at Northern Illinois University 2017

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Northern Illinois University, on October 31st, held an event mourning the loss of our civil rights. Our chapter Treasurer and Social Media Officer created a series of tombstones commemorating the fallen liberties. We also honored them by passing out copies of the Bill of Rights, recruiting potential members, and gathering signatures in support of free speech.

The tombstones read statements such as “Lemonade stands, gone but not forgotten”, “R.I.P. 2nd Amendment”, or “Here Lies Property Rights”. Several members, in the holiday spirit, dressed in costume. The event lasted four hours, from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. Due to some light rain and the day being particularly cold, we did not get too much traffic, however we did manage to have people sign the free speech petition. Given such, and given we had a hard time getting the event started, it was a mildly successful first attempt at a thematic one-off event.

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