YAL-O-Ween at Wichita State

The Wichita State chapter of Young Americans for Liberty hosted a YAL-O-Ween event the last week of October. For this event, the chapter made a civil liberties graveyard featuring eight tombstones to be set up around the tabling area. These tombstones highlighted the ongoing death of liberties like the right to self protection, due process, privacy, parental rights, bodily autonomy (such as the right to consume raw milk if desired), and to keep earned income.

During the two days of tabling a number of conversations with students of all backgrounds were struck. The pocket constitutions and the how to interact with police cards were a hit. We handed out around twenty constitutions and a large stack of the how to interact with police cards. Several people even said that they had come over to the table to argue with us, but when they saw how we were standing for the rights of everyone they were genuinely impressed.

After tabling Monday and Tuesday we had a costume party meet-and-greet on Friday. 

Overall, this event was a success and we look forward to our Your Life, Your Right event this month.  

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