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From Lew Rockwell himself comes a report he recieved by email of YAL’s Freedom Watch event at Ohio State last night:

What a night and what a crowd at the Newport Music Hall to see a taping of Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch and see Dr. Paul last night.

The line outside the hall stretched for blocks before they opened the doors, and what a classy group!  The message of Liberty attracts people from all backgrounds and this was on full display last night.  This Liberty brew is non-homogenized — young people, older folks, bikers, housewives, hippies, business people, goths, rednecks, farmers, and everyone in between hear Ron’s message and come together peacefully to cheer for…ENDING THE FED, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and Austrian economics. This crowd gave some of the wildest applause when Dr. Paul mentioned Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard — who would have ever thought!?!

Judge Napolitano was on top of his game — his passion for the Constitution and Liberty, and his disgust with the establishment, kept the standing throngs fired up throughout the taping, but of course Congressman Paul was the star of the evening.  I had never had the pleasure of seeing him in person, and Dr. Paul did not disappoint! While Ron’s message was a familiar one to most there, many of us who had never seen him live were struck. His integrity, honesty, and humility were palpable. Dr. Paul, among others, leads a movement based on ideas.  He is an educator first, and a politician second.  He quickly quelled the chants for another run in 2012, but there was no doubt he had a couple of thousand there last night that will continue to hold out hope.

Congratulations to The Ohio State University branch of Young Americans for Liberty for hosting such a great event.

I have to second those congratulations — it sounds like this was an excellent event!

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