YAL on Money

The Auraria Campus in Denver, CO is known for its diversity in both race and economic standing. Rarely are libertarian ideas ever heard on its walkways or in the lecture halls. However during YAL’s Constitution Week a different story could be told.        

The YAL Auraria Chapter put on a tabling event on the Auraria Campus in which we discussed what the Federal Government is doing with the taxpayer’s money. On the table we gave away Constitutions and After the Welfare State. At the front of the table we had a banner which read “What are THEY doing with YOUR money?”

Many people approached the table curious about what the government was doing with their money. However, there were also many people who would tell us that they were receiving a weekly check from the government. This lead to great discussion and even more encouraging curiosity about why people should not have to pay for certain thing our government is spending their money on. 

Unfortunately the group camera failed during the day, so we don’t have any photos.

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