YAL on Patriot Pastor’s Radio Tonight

Greetings YAL Liberty Lovers! Tune in tonight at 10:00pm Central time (11:00pm Eastern) because yours truly will be hosting the Patriot Pastor’s Radio Show. My star guest list for tonight includes Jeff Hubbard and Jeff Frazee. There may be other YALites from the main office as well. All shows are recorded and archived. That way, if you can’t make it tonight to the live show, you can listen to the archived show at your earliest convenience or download it to your IPOD. Here’s how you listen to the live show from your pc. Go the the following link (below). Once the page opens up, you should see a button that says, “Click to Listen.” Well, Click it!” That should do it for you. The show MUST be live before it displays the “Click to Listen” button. Tonight’s show will be about 30 minutes long and I’m letting the YAL home office people take the floor, after I sing a few songs on the Karaoke…. Just kidding about the singing…:-) Click Patriot Pastors Radio!

EDIT: I’m sorry, but instead of IPOD, I should’ve put Itunes.

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