YAL Participates in Hillsdale College Libertarian vs Conservative Debate

On September 13th, a record attendance for a student vs student debate at Hillsdale was set as students packed Hillsdale College’s largest classroom for a debate on Libertarianism vs Conservatism.

As president of Hillsdale YAL, I represented libertarianism in the debate, which focused on policies such as foreign policy and gay marriage (or privatizing marriage) and general philosophy.  While the conservative representative focused mainly upon the philosophy of the most radical libertarians, such as Rothbard, I emphasized points in which libertarians offer a new view on common divides between progressives and conservatives.  According to the front page news story about the debate there were people on both sides that believe we won on the areas we each targeted.  I managed to have a rational policy focus with the occasional humor that was seen by many people as down to Earth, which is important, as libertarians are often seen as purely ideological and impractical.


I was honored to be able to represent the libertarian views, and I believe we opened many people’s eyes and will continue to do so.  There was no winner, but both sides held our ground as we promoted our ideas.  It was amazing to see such a great turnout, and YAL has continued to make noise because of it.


The news story, which was on the front page of the Hillsdale College Collegian, is here: http://hillsdalecollegian.com/2016/09/libertarians-vs-conservatives/

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