YAL Protests at Obama’s Northwestern University Visit

On Thursday, October 2, Barack Obama visited Northwestern University to speak on the economy. Taking advantage of the situation, the Midwest Campus Invasion team decided to invade the school to find like-minded students and activists.

We don’t feel that the President’s policies are a good reflection on what today’s youth want, and we found that many out there agree!

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The crowds gathered around the buildings were so large and full of other protesters that it became a gathering place for liberty lovers on campus. In fact, the crowds got so large we had to hold the signs we made over our heads in order for everyone to see them.


One of the best parts was that there was a ton of media there who were begging us all for interviews and opinions on Obama’s policies! and just to know what our Org was all about.


After six hours of tabling and talking to students, we found a boat load of students who were excited to see a YAL chapter blossom on campus. Nearly every single student we found that day then came to our kick off meeting the following Monday and we now have a brand new chapter at Northwestern University!

One more down, many more to go.

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