YAL @ Purdue Celebrates Constitution Week

YAL @ Purdue University commemorated Constitution Week through a two-day long, outdoor tabling event and Free Speech wall.

Purdue YAL's vice president kicks off the free speech wall with a question.

A coat of black chalkboard spray on the previous year’s free speech wall resulted in a like-new surface, while saving our members valuable time.

Bright and early on Tuesday morning, YAL members met to set up the Free Speech Wall and table along a busy sidewalk bordering the majestic Purdue Engineering Mall.  In order to present a clear message of what our event was about, we filled our table solely with free pocket Constitutions and a sign-up clipboard.  Adjacent to our table, we set up the free speech wall with a bucket of chalk set to the side. To get the ball rolling, we headlined our wall with the question: “What Issue Is Most Important?” 

Purdue YAL's free speech wall at the end of the two-day tabling event.

Kristin Dobson from the Leadership Institute joined us to table all day Tuesday. At the end of the day, we left the chalk next to the board for the following day. When we returned on Wednesday morning, we were pleasantly surprised to find how many messages had been left on the board overnight.

Tabling on Wednesday was also a success, and the board was filled by the time we chose to take the wall down. Overall, Constitution Week was a success. Students were provided with free pocket Constitutions and the chance to express their First Amendment rights. Purdue YAL increased our notoriety amongst the greater student body, and gained tabling experience in the process!

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