YAL Ready For This? (Southern New Hampshire University)

Today was the first day of clip-boarding for what will be the SNHU Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the start of the upcoming spring semester once the minutiae that is the process of becoming an officially recognized club is complete.

John Rodgers and I talked to around 30 people in a little over an hour about how we as citizens need to be vigilant to keep the freedoms in the bill of rights and the following amendments. Freedoms that many have fought and died for that ignited the revolution, the civil war and the civil rights movement; all of which got us to where we are today. John and I were able to spark interest in many students who want to keep these liberties, learn more about them, and how to utilize them to your advantage. Mainly we focused on first and fourth amendment, but we brought up other issues as well, such as privacy, and how our rights are being whittled down every day.

All in all, today was a successful day! John and I were able to get almost 20 people interested in checking out YAL this Friday night.

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