YAL Recruitment at WashU!

YAL at WashU started its second year out this past week, with our university’s annual activities fair. An exciting time for all clubs, activities fair is where most groups recruit 90% of their members. As I waited for the fair to start I reflected on what we had accomplished in the last year. Just one short year ago we were a non entity on campus, just a passionate exec board, ready to spread liberty. One year later, we are a full fledged club, with membership rivaling College Republicans and Democrats on campus. We had made an impact on campus, running weekly meetings, and performing advocacy. We were known on campus.

As such I was a lot less stressed about recruitment this year. It wasn’t our first rodeo, and my VP and I were out, passionate, and ready to recruit. Luckily this year we had help as well, both the midwest and missouri state chairs joining us to help get WashU students excited about liberty. Fortunately, recruitment went very well. We spoke to a large assortment of students from all parts of the political spectrum, conservatives, liberals, independents, and even socialists. We connected with a lot of students, and ended up getting over 40 sign ups for our email list. When added to the existing names, we now have over 100 members on our list. With new members, an amazing exec board, and some exciting speakers this semester, I’m excited to see what we can accomplish this year on campus!

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