YAL Recruitment Drive and First Meeting at Elon

Our YAL chapter at Elon is off to a great start this semester, which all began with our recruitment drive back in February. Many students stopped by our table to either talk about YAL & liberty or to take the political quiz to find out where they stand on the spectrum. Some were surprised to find themselves at the top by Gary Johnson, and at the end we noticed most of the stickers fell in the ‘libertarian’ section.

This recruitment drive was a success because we got more sign ups than we ever have. The next week, we held our first meeting of the semester, which had a great turn out. While waiting for everyone to show up, we watched some YouTube clips that helped to explain some libertarian ideas and principles, this one featuring Ron Paul doing his liberty report. We followed up with ice breakers and a discussion of what liberties people believe are under attack today, before getting into what YAL is all about.


If people came for the pizza, they stayed for the lively discussion we had about freedom in America and civil liberties. Everyone expressed interest in getting involved with YAL, we even have a prospective treasurer and secretary who might fill our leadership openings. 

We’re beyond excited to get this semester rolling with our first event coming up to promote Free Speech, and we look forward to getting to know all our new members and showing them what YAL is all about!
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