YAL Rocks Loras College Campus

Loras College, a small liberal arts college in Dubuque, IA, had its first YAL Spring Recruitment Drive on Thursday, March 27th. It was very successful, and nine students signed up to receive more information on our chapter!

Students of every year came and filled out the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and had lots of fun putting themselves on our chart. 

Student places herself on political chart

All of the current officers of the Loras College chapter were present and ready to talk with students about limited government, free markets, and free minds. We were also very excited to be handing out so many resources to interested students. 

YAL leaders

Students from all ranges of political backgrounds were all very glad to see us on campus, even if they disagreed with our stance, because there is finally a group on campus that is more than just the Republicans or the Democrats. Our computers were constantly in use to fill out the quiz and people were anxious to see where on the chart they would be placed, and by what political figure!

quiz takers

Our first Spring Recruitment Drive at Loras College was incredibly successful! In our first year, we’ve now amassed more than15 members and we’re excited to see where the future will take us!

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