YAL SCSU Takes over Student Government

Student Fees increase by 5%.

Services are cut dramatically. 

New fees are being proposed to pay for things such as athletics and sustainability. 

Jake Thomfohrda

This is the nightmare scenario St. Cloud State University administrators and student government leaders have gotten into, led mainly by their lack of economic understanding and common sense. 

Tim BertramThat is why i decided to take over SCSU Student Government.  I ran for Student Body Vice President with Ian High running for President.  Unfortunately, our bid was unsuccessful.  I was, however, re-elected as the senior senator from the school of public affairs. 

Steve Espeseth

With four libertarians and a couple conservatives already serving, we only needed a couple votes to steer policy.  There were several open Senator at Large seats, and I found a couple excellent candidates.

Former YAL MN state chair Tim Bertram was elected to the senate, and looks forward to holding student fees as low as possible.

Another YAL member, and CR President Steve Espeseth will also join SCSU Student Government next year.  With people already on the body who were not up for re-election, we should have enough support to provide essential service much better, and stop spending money on programs that don’t benefit students and only waste money.

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