YAL September Report (Hint: We’ve Been Doing Good Work)

My mum is a YAL donor, but not in possession of an email address.  This means she makes online donations using my email, and I get YAL’s emails to donors.  The most recent one is our report for September 2009, which many of you may not have seen.  So here are the highlights:

  • 48 YAL chapters participated in Constitution Day
  • Hosted first Student Town Hall w/ Rep. Paul and Rep. Bachmann
  • Published 3rd issue of Young American Revolution
  • More than 50 student leaders trained at the Youth Leadership School
  • YAL chapter stories from across the country

The report also includes a number of pictures, videos, and activism reports from just this semester.  YAL has really been active!  So take a look and share the page with anyone interested in a detailed introduction to YAL…especially if they can possibly donate XD

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