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As all of you are aware the Young Americans for Liberty state conventions are coming up very soon. The North Carolina convention is in just a few days. One thing to keep in mind while you’re at the convention is the sponsors that you will meet there. My suggestion for everyone attending is to reach out to them and build connections. Many of the sponsors have been very beneficial for Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Tennessee.

Leadership Institute Campus Workshop

The first sponsor that helped our YAL chapter out was one that not many people are aware of. Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty helped us with a big event on the death penalty last semester.

The Leadership Institute, came to Knoxville from DC to do a campus workshop (the publications workshop) with our chapter members. We are starting our own campus newspaper, the Railing Cry. I met both of these organizations at the 2014 YAL National Convention.

Sterling Beard gave the best presentations that you could think of on the beginnings of how to start a campus newspaper. We are confident that with this training we will have the best newspaper on campus, compared to the University of Tennessee’s daily “newspaper” that no one reads.

I hate to repeat myself but I really want to drive this home; the next time you walk by a table of a sponsor check them out. You may find that they can actually help you out in more ways than you can imagine. Check out the Leadership Institute’s training here.

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