YAL spring recruitment at Bemidji State University.

Today, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Bemidji State University started tabling for spring recruitment from 9 A.M to about 2 P.M.

Codie and Dan tabling away!

We used our new tabling techniques that we learned at the YAL Iowa State Convention earlier this month and ended up having a very successful day full of fun and meeting new recruits! (We waited till Thursday to table because we didn’t think our student body would be very receptive the morning after St. Patrick’s Day).

We met a surprising number of Libertarians who were really excited to find they have a place to come turn their ideals into activism. After the wonderful turnout at the table, we all got together to have a fun “family” dinner. Even though we usually have meetings on Mondays, we took this opportunity to reaffirm our goals for the week.  

Family dinner time!

Within the next couple weeks we are hoping to put on two events, the first being our Incarceration Nation project. The second is our 4/20 bake sale which we hope to use as a chance to educate our student population on the cost of the drug war. Overall we are excited with the progress our new chapter has made and we hope that we can continue to spread Liberty here at Bemidji State.

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