YAL Starts Strong at Indiana-University Bloomington

A few days ago YAL IU set up at the Student Involvement Fair the university holds every semester. After a rough couple of semesters, our group is determined to make a comeback!

Judging by our showing at the involvement fair, that comeback is going to be strong! We gathered over 120 names for our mailing list, many of them people who came right up to us proudly proclaiming their love of liberty. The people we had showing interest came from all walks of life, proving that freedom is an ideal that crosses all boundaries. We also got the notice of other organizations as well, with IU’s chapters of Young Americans for Freedom, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Liberty in North Korea, and Turning Point USA all expressing interest in working together where our goals overlap. On the whole, YAL IU is looking forward to a very bright semester of activism!

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