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This past week-end was a big one for YAL.  In addition to our ongoing April National Activism project, April All-Out Activism, there were two state conventions and a very successful YAL-sponsored speaking event.  In true YAL fashion, student leaders in Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee closed out the semester with a bang!


Indiana YAL Event:

The Purdue University YAL Chapter had a very exciting week-end.  Teaming up with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute they brought Dr. Tom Woods to speak at their campus on the topics of fiat currency and the federal reserve.  Dr. Woods drew a crowd of over 200 students and representatives from several IN YAL chapters attended the event.

Stay tuned for a full report from the Purdue University YAL Chapter!


Ohio YAL Convention:

YAL Leadership in Ohio put together an amazing State Convention this past week-end.

 Speakers included:

  • Ben Swann (News anchor & host of Reality Check)
  • Jeff Longstreth (Ohioans for Workplace Freedom)
  • Maurice Thompson (1851 Center for Constitutional Law)
  • Denise Mayer and Mary Sieigel (Ohio Voter Integrity Project)
  • Kaelee Pines (Liberty for All PAC)
  • Jim Rovenski (How to get involved in State/local politics)
  • Chris Morbitzer (President, University of Cincinnati chapter of YAL)
  • Dave Grabaskas (Former Midwest Regional Director of YAL)
  • Jeremy Davis (Ohio State Chairman for YAL)

 The Convention concluded with a screening of the new documentary film from the Tenth Ammendment Center, Nullification: The Rightful Remedy.

Overall, the turnout was larger than anticipated and a lot of progress was made in promoting greater statewide organization and communication.

Stay tuned for the full report from Ohio State Chair, Jeremy Davis!



Tennessee State Convention:

YAL leadership in Tennessee put together a first-class convention this past weekend.

YAL members from accross the state united at Middle Tennessee State University to undergo an entire day of activism and political training.

Jeremy Dahl gave a powerful lecture on “The Real Nature of Politics” and other speakers included YAL’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Eric Sharp and Wesley Messamore, journalist and Editor in Chief at “The Humble Libertarian.”

Stay tuned for the entire report from Tennessee State Chair, Gabriel Harr!


Colorado State Convention:  

The Colorado State YAL convention will be taking place Saturday, April 28th from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Indepedence Institute in Denver, Colorado.

Speakers will included:

  • Jack Hunter (The Southern Avenger)
  • Justin Longo (Editor, Complete Colorado)
  • Ellyn Hilliard, PH.D (Liberty Republican Activist)
  • Chris Doss (Grassroots Coordinato, LI)
  • Kevin Hotaling (Founder, FRFHQ)
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