YAL Storm at Brown


Young Americans for Liberty has struck Brown University, yet again. During the past month members have posted flyers across campus catching the eyes and curiosity of all.

As students and pedestrians have continued to see the calls to join the Liberty movement, they have also encountered a proliferation of YAL Constitutions throughout campus areas and university buildings. The YAL presence continues to spread and strengthen on campus, and students have began to take an increased interest in the mission of YAL and the advancement of liberty in all university aspects.

Given recent campus incidents which have brought forth arguments for restricting free speech, YAL members at Brown have fought even harder to ensure all voices are heard and to ensure that free speech is protected from the tyrannical administrators and the politically correct “social justice warriors”. Although many members on campus feel a need for “safe spaces” and protecting members from being offended, the tireless and irate liberty lovers are pushing harder than ever to protect all civil liberties and grow the YAL presence throughout the community.  

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