YAL Student on Radio Show Discussing Disturbing Confrontation with Congressional Candidate

I recently posted an article entitled “Local Congressional Candidate Can’t Name Bill of Rights.” This article discussed another article written by James Robertson, which described an encounter our YAL chapter had with a local congressional candidate, Angela McGlowan. We were asking people to name the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution outside of our student union and decided to give her have a shot at it. Her response was very unexpected and ended with her asking the police to remove the students from the Student Union entrance area. Go here to read the full story.  

Well, this encounter snowballed into a relatively large media interest. The potential congresswoman was asked about the confrontation on the Paul Gallo show, a popular talk radio show on Super Talk Radio in Mississippi, where she defended herself by calling the YAL members “out of order.” It ended with one of our members, James Robertson, getting asked onto the same radio show to give his version of the story. I thought you might like to listen to the two interviews. Unfortunately, the second interview is worse sound quality and therefore lower volume. But anyway, hope you enjoy!

Angela McGlowan’s Response on Paul Gallo

James Robertson’s Response on Paul Gallo

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