YAL Summer Fun

While there are no classes going on during the summer, Minnesota YALers have still been active and are having fun this summer with guns.  Recently, gun grabbers in St. Paul attempted to ban “assault rifles” and magazines over 7 rounds.  Their attempt failed, but it did fire up a lot of YAL members to get serious about their Second Amendment rights.

Group shot

Thanks to a very generous donor to our group, some of our members have been able to obtain their carry permit.  Being able to offer gun safety classes and other opportunities to learn about firearms or shoot them to new members has been a great way to bring people into the fold. Others have taken it upon themselves to purchase new weapons including a .380 Auto LCP, and a  AR-15, among others.

Sarah with AR

Adam with hand gun

Guns have been a great way for YAL members in Minnesota to have fun with each other and get new activists involved. Creating a new generation of gun owners is also a very important task that must be accomplished. In Minnesota, we have encouraged our groups to become responsible gun owners and to learn how to properly handle and use a firearm for recreation or self defense.

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