YAL @ Syracuse University starts first active semester on campus

After more than a semester of struggle with SU’s student association, our YAL chapter is in full swing!

We set out in January ready to recruit new members, get recognized by the university, and get involved in promoting liberty on campus. Now, two months and a few pocket Constitutions later, we’ve recruited a dozen new members, and have collaborated with the Syracuse College Republicans to bring liberty activists to campus, including (hopefully) Ron Paul himself!

The students on both the main Syracuse campus and the SUNY-ESF campus next door particularly loved our latest addition: the Worlds Smallest Political Quiz. Many were surprised to find out that they had libertarian views despite identifying as Democrat or Republican. Some were even clueless as to what a libertarian was, so it provided us with a great opportunity to reach out to them about their newfound political leanings. We look forward to connecting more with our new members and continuing to lead our chapter into the future!

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