YAL Tables for War on YOUth!


West Virginia University’s War on YOUth was a hotspot at the WVU Student Union at the end of this Spring semester. We found ourselves doubling our usual attendance at our last meeting of the semester, where we chose our leadership for next year.

We tabled for War on YOUth twice this semester, setting up an iPad that showed the rising national debt as well as giving them a chance to solve the issues against them by putting them to the test of liberty pong. Usually, we would block the first shot with the Obama face, but then allow them to shoot until they miss. We’ve have a few make them all, and so we took down their email for a chance to win Amazon gift cards.


The West Virginia University YAL also collaborated with the College Libertarians to set up a free speech wall! Many came out to write funny/meaningful ideas of what liberty means to them. From raw milk to marriage equality, we found that WVU students has a wide variety of freedom issues — all covered by the libertarian philosophy.

After the events, we had a good amount of new members come to our last meeting. There, we discussed the meaning of liberty, as well as our plans for next year. We also had elections, and decided that during the upcoming semester; we were going to delegate our duties further than usual. Our new form of leadership splits up the group into two divisions; recruitment and events coordination. With these divisions, we decided to also split presidential duties. Charles Peck and Jake Coppock will now act as co-presidents, in charge of each specific division.

Our plan for the next semester is to recruit, recruit, recruit – as well as bring a reason to join to the table by being active on campus. We will be collaborating with SFL in the protest of a smoking ban, and also plan to show liberty movies in the student theater. We are very excited about Fall 2014, and plan for it to be our most active semester yet!

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