YAL Takes George Washington University

YAL-GWU chapterNestled in the heart of Washington D.C., GWU is a bastion of liberalism and home to some of the most outspoken young proponents of active government in the country. Left-wing causes are promoted almost daily across the urban campus, and Obama fanatics dominate nearly every form of political discourse. The Young Americans for Liberty table brought a breath of fresh air to Kogan Plaza in the form of six overly-excited libertarians and one ill-fitting YAL banner.

Tabling at GWUPassing students gave the freedom enthusiasts a surprisingly warm reception, leafing through pocket Constitutions, and even engaging in thoughtful conversations about the limits of government. The festivities continued until the sun went down; YAL chapter leaders packed up the few handouts that were left and returned home armed with a list of prospective members and a new resolve to spread the ideals of liberty across the student population!

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