YAL @ the University of Southern Misississippi

I’m reaching out from the University of Southern Mississippi. We are the Hattiesburg chapter. We just had our second tabling event for the semester and we had 39 people sign up for more information and to learn when our first official meeting will be. As you can see from the photo, we were giving out free chips to students.


I choose to do something to get students involved at the table. I took a large piece of white cardboard for students to write on and I placed a question at the top of t for students to answer. The question was “What does liberty mean?” It was a huge hit because I used that as a starting point to find out about the individual student who came up to the table and I talked to them about YAL. For the students who were not sure how to answer the question, I gave them some hints and as well talked to them about YAL and I let everyone know that as an organization that we would help them learn more about liberty and what it means t the individual and what it means to the country. 

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