YAL to YAF: Stop acting like children and debate like adults.

After Rep. Ron Paul won his second consecutive CPAC straw poll, Young Americans for Freedom quickly distributed an inflammatory press release announcing Dr. Paul was “off his meds” and would no longer be on their advisory board.  A bizarre publicity stunt, the press release’s harsh language left little room for the civil discourse and friendly relationship Young Americans for Liberty — not to mention Ron Paul himself — historically had with YAF.

Here at YAL, we put out our own press release on the subject, expressing disappointment at YAF’s declaration that it was “more aligned with Obama” than Ron Paul, and offering to join YAF in a reasonable foreign policy debate.  Meanwhile, YAF followed up their original release with a second strike, this time in the form of an article published in the Daily Caller.  So when the Daily Caller contacted YAL wondering if we’d like to respond, YAL Executive Director Jeff Frazee took the opportunity:

A civil debate on foreign policy is desperately needed in this country, especially within the conservative movement. The outside threats facing our nation today are serious but dramatically different from the dangers Ronald Reagan faced during the Cold War.

The neo-conservative policies of pre-emptive war, a domestic surveillance state, and unchecked executive power have not only failed but blatantly violated our Constitution — there’s nothing conservative about them. As Mike Church puts it, “these are decepti-cons.”

Traditional warfare has changed, the Internet has revolutionized revolutions, and we are bogged down in the longest, most costly war in our country’s history. It’s time to revive the conversation about what constitutes a conservative foreign policy.

However, in order to make any progress and grow as a movement, we must treat each other (and act) like adults. Immature name-calling and shameless publicity stunts, particularly those directed at leaders within our movement, have no place in civil discourse.

Tactics like calling Congressman Paul “delusional,” “off his meds,” and referring to his foreign policy as “treasonous” are absurd and downright childish.

Young Americans for Freedom, and specifically YAF’s senior national director, Jordan Marks, owe the congressman an apology.

Read Jeff’s full article here, leave a comment at the Daily Caller, and please share this call for civility with everyone you know in the conservative movement!  It’s high time to stop acting like children and debate like adults.

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