YAL @ U of Arkansas: Two Heads Are Better Than One


University of Arkansas Young Americans for Liberty kicked off our most successful table yet with the help of our newly-appointed Vice President today! Aiming for one last push of Free Markets 101 before the next campaign started off, we wanted to get another word in edgewise. 


Pitching the cause for liberty is always easier with help, and results doubled from their usual levels. As always, the work was strenuous yet rewarding. Most of our materials were distributed and a lot of emails were written down. The VP and I would feed off each other and we kept a very strong momentum going for the few hours we were working.


The Crony Capitalism materials got the best response and most of the bumper stickers were taken, as well as a nice chunk of the fliers. 


 We also passed out free Reese’s cups with our information and that really helped. A lot of people like being given chocolate along with the material. It was a wonderfully effective incentive. 


The Jenganomics set was the biggest challenge today, but it proved useful, as both a conversation stater and a way of entertainment. A couple of people played it, although no one made it topple over, which would have been amusing, but it got the message across nevertheless.


Once again, an excellent turnout building up to our chapter’s first meeting! 

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