YAL @ UAB Debt Clock display

YAL @ UAB Debt Clock display

YAL at the University of Alabama-Birmingham created a display of the National Debt on campus to raise awareness of both the debt and our group. The debt sign is over 40 feet long & was put up near the Sterne Library.

However, after less than an hour of display we were approached by a Campus Police officer who asked to see the Drivers License of our group President & then told us that the area we were at is private property. He told us who to contact regarding the space, so we talked to the UAB staff & after being redirected to 4 different people, it became appeared that nobody is in charge of using that particular area. Who exactly owns that spot & who is in charge of booking it for events is still unknown.

So we moved our display to a space outside of the Hill University Center and continued for another hour or so. Later that day we met in Heritage Hall where member Josh Jackson gave an excellent presentation on the National Debt.

We’re working on finding out who is in charge of using that space outside the Library, reserving it for a protest event, to show people that students who are active & dedicated can get past the bureaucratic failures and make good use of unused space on campus.

Here’s a video of our previous Debt Clock display in 2011: 

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