YAL @ UAB joins in Immigration Rally

YAL @ UAB at Anti-HB56 Immigration Rally

YAL @ the University of Alabama-Birmingham joined in a rally in Lynn Park against the recently passed State Immigration Bill, HB56. This rally was largely composed of Hispanics who oppose certain aspects of HB56 which is modeled after Arizona’s Immigration Bill.

Several of our members oppose certain portions of HB56 & wanted to represent at this rally to discuss the philosophy of liberty with those present. Several folks took pictures of us standing with our YAL banner, including someone from a local paper. Some people were surprised to see self-described libertarians at the rally, and we engaged them to explain how liberty is not divided along racial lines.

YAL @ UAB at Anti-HB56 Immigration Rally

We held a meeting later that day to discuss Immigration issues & HB56 & put together a video explaining our thoughts on the bill:

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