YAL @ UCC Pizza Drive

My name is Yuri Vincent, President/Founder of YAL @ Umpqua Community College. Today, our chapter successfully handed out 15 assorted pizzas with the purpose of club branding and marketing. We fund-raised $176.00 from our local National Constitutional Sheriffs Association and used these funds to purchase $100.00 of pizza.


We asked that the students give us an email/contact info and take a flyer telling them about our next week’s meeting in exchange for pizza. No student could turn it down. To compound the opening of free pizza, we loudly asked, “ARE YOU INTERESTED IN LIBERTY AND FREE PIZZA?” It was amazing. The turn-out was great!


A faculty member who was a student just last year, and former Associated Students of Umpqua Community College student body government, said, “It’s great to see an organization like this on this campus.”

Girls like Pizza too

Not only were students interested with our material and presentation of our philosophy, but we also heard, “I’ll definitely be at that meeting!” It was such an honor and exciting moment for our newly founded chapter. Last week’s meeting we had 5 students show up and we just handed out flyers. I cannot wait to see how many students come Feb 14th.


Young Americans for Liberty @ Umpqua Community College holds biweekly meetings on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in Jackson Hall #14. February 14th’s meeting will touch on the basics of Free Markets delivered by www.learnliberty.org. We are honored to stand for what we know and believe. We challenge others to do the same!

Build it, and they will come!

“Perseverance and Spirit have done wonders in all ages.” — George Washington

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