YAL @ UNC-Charlotte Recruitment Drive

Originally our chapter had planned to go out in the nice Charlotte, North Carolina weather to do some tabling before we participated in our universities Student Organization Showcase. It was rained out last semester so we were pumped up to get started with a strong start. So we scheduled our first chapter meeting to start immediately after the showcase.  Lo and behold, the day before it began to snow and the campus was closed and the event rescheduled for two weeks later.  Two weeks later this is what our campus once again looked like:

Our campus was again closed as a result of the snow, which ended up accumulating over a half a foot. The Student Organization Fair was completely cancelled at this point.  We weren’t going to let that prevent us from recruiting though and when classes started back up we were ready to get tabling for our first chapter meeting.

Table crew 
We manned a table while passing out flyers by our political science and business departments. 

flyer passout sean 
This went on for most the afternoon, while other YAL members walked around other areas of campus to pass out and post flyers as well as chalked for our meeting.

Many good conversations were made as we encouraged students to get involved with the liberty movement.

We ended up with most of a sheet filled with signatures and passed out a large portion of our table literature. I recommend everyone get one of these little JBL Flip Bluetooth speakers for their table.
At the meeting we enjoyed some pizza, pop, and LearnLiberty.org videos, followed by discussions of our goals and accomplishments. The meeting did not attract as many attendees as it would have immediately proceeding a Student Organization Fair, but the attendees who came are of good quality and we now have a few new members and two new chapter officers who are excited to get active! Altogether, it was a success and well worth the effort.

Expect big things to come from UNC Charlotte!

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