YAL @ UNC Takes a Field Trip

On October 1, students from UNC Chapel Hill’s YAL chapter were invited to attend a “Celebration of Liberty” in Greenville, North Carolina, where Senator Rand Paul and Representative Walter Jones were speaking.

The Members of our Chapter with Congressman Jones

Since our chapter president, Alex Johnson, interned with Representative Jones this past summer, he was excited to be introduced to our chapter.

Enjoying Souther BBQ Before Seeing the Speakers

They even treated us to some good ole southern BBQ to kick off the evening!

Senator Paul and Representative Jones

Senator Paul posed his ideas on how to solve some of our country’s biggest issues — including ISIS and the national deficit. His cynical attitude towards the government could be summed up in one humorous quote in which he said, “I think of Old Macdonald’s Farm — ‘here a scandal, there a scandal, everywhere a scandal’.”

On dealing with the ISIS terror threat, Paul said, “Frankly, I do think we have to do something about ISIS now, but there should be no debate about the fact that it should be done in a constitutional way.” 

Alex with Senator Paul

As our chapter president and a YAL state chair, Alex Johnson had the opportunity to talk with Rand.

Our current leadership — Tuck Kennedy (VP), Alex Johnson (P), Stormie Baker (PR Chair) — and the rest of our attendees had an excellent time hearing two of our favorite liberty-minded politicians speak!

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