YAL University of Alaska-Anchorage Constitution Week

Throughout Constitution Week, the newly formed chapter at UAA was able to host multiple events. Thanks to YAL and Advocates for Self Government, we were able to hand out pocket Constitutions and political quizzes (which we helped assess and discuss with the participants).

Monday, a few of our energetic new members hosted our table from 8 AM until the early afternoon, handing out Constitutions in reflection of the anniversary of its inception.


Tuesday, we introduced a “Free Speech Wall” where passersby could feel free to express themselves however they wished, in celebration of 225 years of the first amendment. The wall stayed up a few days, despite some inevitable vulgarity (Hey, we weren’t about to censor people on the Free Speech Wall!).

Free Speech Wall

Wednesday, a few of our members assisted a couple other local clubs in hosting a local candidate forum, where state congressional candidates discussed some of the topics concerning Alaskans.

Tomorrow will be our next general meeting. With that will come the election of our last required officer, the adoption of our Constitution, and everything we need to gain complete recognition as a valid chapter!

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