YAL @ University of Colorado celebrates Constitution Week

YAL at the University of Colorado at Boulder had a great Constitution Day! By 9:30 AM, we had already built our 8’x4′ wall on the campus fountain forum.

Our set up at 9:30 AM to begin a long day of handing out constitutions

Over the next five hours we tabled, passed out more than 200 pocket Constitutions, and invited students to write on our Free Speech Wall! Big thanks to YAL national for providing us with pocket Constitutions and other resources.

Early visitors to our free speech wall.

Our free speech wall was a great draw! We got things started by writing “Don’t taze me bro,” and then let spontaneous order take it from there!

An student investigates then adds to our wall.

For every student who decided to contribute, several others would just gaze and read.

We had a a full showing during the tabling of our officer staff and even picked up a few more sign-ups as people rushed about for class! Overall this was a great event, and we are looking forward to the next one.

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