YAL University of Georgia: Fall Semester Overview

Fall 2017 was a busy semester for YAL UGA. We increased our meeting frequency to every week, and gained enthusiastic new members from the freshman Class of 2021. Our membership doubled this semester and we consistently attracted non-members to our events as well. Here is an overview of the events we hosted for students and faculty at UGA:

Discussion: The Current Political Climate of Violence

We discussed the culture of political violence between Antifa and the Alt-Right, and the event in Charlottesville, VA.

Discussion: North Korea, Foreign Policy Debate

We discussed the question of the year: what to do about North Korea? Members offered diplomatic solutions, and others suggested the use of military force. The controversial subject induced a lively debate between members, which is typical of our group. We went for dinner after the meeting as a “welcome back” to old friends.

Recruitment: UGA Involvement Fair

We were one of the few clubs who remained at the Involvement Fair, the biggest freshman recruiting event of the year which draws hundreds of clubs to the outdoor common area. Why the absence? It was pouring rain. Our officers and members stayed outside for hours, sheltering our display with umbrellas and talking to everyone who passed. We gave out flyers for our Bitcoin meeting, which was very popular.

Presentation: Let’s Talk Bitcoin

Our very own Alex Moldenhawer discussed “what is Bitcoin,” blockchain technology, investment strategies, and what this new technology means for Liberty.

Discussion: Going Green the Free Market Way

With the recent devastation brought by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, gas shortages and high gas prices are affecting everyone. How can renewable and alternative energy sources help relieve situations like these? What is the most promising alternative energy source, and how do we get there? What will be the political effects of moving away from oil as a primary energy source (foreign relations)? How do we deal with the issue of heavily regulated utilities? What is your stance on climate change, and more importantly, how do we solve it without government intervention and the proposed carbon tax?

Movie: Communism in Cambodia

We watched “First They Killed My Father,” a film about the communist Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The regime caused the Cambodian Genocide, which killed roughly 25% of the country’s population (1.5 to 3 million people.) This movie exposed the horrors and cruelties of communism. It was historically accurate and graphic.

Discussion: What Would Free Market Healthcare Look Like?

We answered this question, and discussed the crony capitalism that exists in our healthcare system, including Big Pharma and insurance companies. We also discussed the cause of the Opioid Crisis and what should be done.

Speaker: Peter Wolf, Victims of Communism

Speaker: Jeff Deist, Mises Institute

Presentation: “Should Politicians Have Term Limits?

This presentation was given by the Georgia director for US Term Limits, James Alvarado.

Movie: Can We Take A Joke?

This film examined the culture of political correctness in America, and how it affects comedy.

Speaker: “Real Heroes” by Larry Reed

Larry Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), gave an uplifting, inspiring talk about people of great character and courage. YAL UGA maintains a close relationship with Larry Reed, who resides in Atlanta, and we have hosted him for the past two years to discuss various topics. Last year’s talk was “Free Trade vs. Protectionism.”

Last Meeting: Christmas Potluck

We hosted a potluck before finals week as our last meeting of the semester. We reminisced over the great semester we had, discussed plans for the Spring (including YAL Summit and YAL UGA t-shirts), and watched entertaining YouTube videos. This was a great bonding experience for our members and a nice way to wrap up a successful semester.  

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