YAL @ University of Georgia Recruiting and Activities Report

August 20th: Obamacare Protest

Before our chapter’s semester kicked off, we had a short-notice invite to protest Obamacare’s implementation on college campuses. Karl Brust, of YAL-UGA, joined with representatives for UGA College Republicans and Americans for Prosperity Georgia. They held their demonstration at a busy intersection in Athens, GA, during a busy lunch hour. Many drivers were supportive, and a few condemned the demonstrators with “the bird” and accusations of racism.

Karl Brust (in back) in Athens, GA

August 28th: Activities Fair

YAL-UGA tabled at the Tate Center on the campus of UGA during our Fall Activities Fair. Thanks to the Students for Liberty organization, we were able to handle out several copies of Why Liberty, a liberty primer for students interested in YAL and the liberty movement in general.



Several students stopped by to learn more, pick up free stuff, and sign up!


Students also stopped by to take part in the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” to find out where they leaned.

August 29th: First Meeting

YAL-UGA held our first official meeting on Thursday, August 29, the day after the Fall Activities Fair. We saw an impressive turnout — one of the best (if not the best) turnouts in a long time. Almost 40 students signed up at the tabling the day before, and around 15 new students showed up for the first meeting. We showed a couple clips of Ron Paul featuring his “What If” and “The Last Nail in the Coffin” speeches.

September 2nd: No War in Syria Rally

YAL-UGA held an anti-war rally at the iconic UGA arches that mark the boundary between UGA’s north campus and downtown Athens, GA. Led by YAL-UGA VP Andy Kite, members held up signs during a busy lunch hour as people walked and drove by on Broad Street.

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