YAL University of Houston Downtown, Putting the Lead in Liberty Leadership!

On Friday July 21st, members of the University of Houston Downtown chapter of YAL held an event at Van Road Gun Range in northeast Harris County, focusing on the right to defend yourself, and the right to keep and bear arms, we had experienced shooters, and novices all enjoying the beautiful day, from Ancap themed Glocks, to rifles, and shotguns, the chapter really showed up to put some lead down range and hone our skills that are needed now more than ever as campus carry is the law in Texas. That hard fought victory for liberty means that those with Licenses to Carry (LTC) can now carry on college campuses, allowing students, faculty, and staff to defend themselves will continue to make our campuses safer!

Photos and videos from the event will be posted on our Facebook Page (//www.facebook.com/yaluhdowntown) as they roll in! 

This was a great event and YAL UHD is still in high gear leading into YALCON next week!

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