YAL @ University of Houston tables against Mandatory Minimums


I’m super excited about showing what this activism event is all about! We had over 50 people sign up while tabling to come to our movie! They were appalled to learn how much time people received for victimless crimes.

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Some people were happy and joked about the jail cell.

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Some people were sad to hear about everything and treated the jail cell seriously.

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One girl said, “My parents smoke marijuana all the time because it’s just a tradition in my family and a part of my religion in a way.”


We even had high school students show up and many told us the same story along the lines of, “My dad is in jail because he sold some weed.” The University of Houston is in an impoverished area of Houston and one of the largest crime areas, but most are associated with drugs.


It’s not about parties, or religion. It’s about the freedom of people to choose.

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