YAL@ University of Houston talks prostitution and human trafficking

On Monday, February 23rd, YAL at University of Houston held a meeting with the topic of sex workers and prostitution. Some of us went into the meeting thinking there would just be a general consensus that it should be decriminalized for personal liberty.

We were proven wrong when one of our members, a student who runs Students Against Human Trafficking at our school began to talk about how other countries have legalized it, and yet people are still trafficked.

The worry was that the argument would get heated, but that was never the case. We were able to state our case, and she began to describe the situation in our city, Houston, TX.


Houston is one of the highest trafficking cities in the United States, due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the country of Mexico. There are brothels around every corner– a fact I knew little about. I learned how to identify a brothel as well:

1) No traffic in the daytime.
2) Weirdly colored neon lights.
3) It usually advertises, “Massages” and while you may go into it in the daytime for a massage, this is usually a business front.


We decided that one of our activism events later would be to discuss ways to lower the amount of human trafficking and work for liberating those individuals. The fact many people leave out when talking about this topic is that men are trafficked as well, and it is more common than you would think.


After the meeting, we went to our local Pizza Parlor and had some pizza, and were made fun of for drinking Shirley Temples as gentlemen. This gave us the idea that at our next meeting we will be discussing feminism and what it means to us.

For love of liberty,


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