YAL University of Kentucky Chapter Free Markets 101 Activism Report

We started off our Free Market activism at UK with the Jenganomics kit.  It was successful at drawing people to the table that probably otherwise wouldn’t have been interested, but they had trouble getting the analogy.  Some even thought we were talking about wealth inequality and redistributing to the top.  Regardless, they did all walk away with information on YAL and some have started coming to meetings. 

With many of us being economics majors, we displayed some of our favorite authors and books, such as Free to Choose, Economics In One Lesson, The Law, and other favorites.  We also made our own flyers with quotes from liberty-minded individuals that we displayed.  We also used this time to promote our BB&T Economics Book Club in which we read from all of these same authors.  This garnered attention from many economics students and professors.  We’ve since managed to organize a Milton Friedman Day with another economics group on campus where we’ll watch excerpts from Free to Choose and read chapters from Friedman’s books.

Overall the kits were a hit and allowed us to build bridges with some of the economics groups on campus that are sympathetic to the ideas of liberty!

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