YAL @ University of Wisconsin – Baraboo Sauk County’s Generation of War Toothpick Flag Memorial

Living in Wisconsin, we are always at the mercy of inclement weather. Snow is something that we have no shortage of. Originally we had planned to create a ground display outside of the school, but we YAL members are very adaptable to different climates.


We decided that in light of the snow covered ground that an up close display of the memorial would do the job just as well and man, were we ever right! Each and every single flag on that board represents one US Solders life lost as a result of the Iraq War, 4,488 to be exact!

Stand Up Close Up 

After about 4 hours of tediously placing each and every flag we had very sore fingers—but to benefit the liberty movement, sore fingers are the least we can do!

Kids for Liberty

The message of the project was so moving that we had several younger kids ages ranging from 7 to 13 help place flags in the board! aka “Kids for Liberty”:


Overall It was an awesome experience and were able to sign up quite a few people into the chapter. We were also able to organize a pretty good sized follow up meeting the following day. 

Flags Close Up

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