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Our chapter was initially founded in 2010, but we had some difficulty gaining traction and didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the organization’s success from our leadership positions.  This has changed in 2012.  After a hiatus through 2011, we are starting fresh and are off to some early successes!

Our first tabling sessions caught the end of YAL’s Constitution Week, as we had to wait for formal recognition from the campus…again.  Once this was cleared up we set up a table in our University Center, the central hub of UW-Whitewater, to promote awareness about our organization’s presence on campus, and to distribute YAL pocket-sized Constitutions to passing students.  We personally handed out over 100 Constitutions, all with info inside about how to contact our organization and other relevant information.  Over the course of just a pair of tabling sessions, we have amassed 70 email contacts of people interested in hearing more about the organization or possibly joining!

John, Bryce, and Jon

Adam, Bryce, and Dan

Jon, Tim, and Bryce

We have also distributed out copies of Young American Revolution, Why Austrian Economics Matters, The Place for Economics in Learning, YAL Stickers, and I, Pencil.  Several people that have been helping with the process, and who have been involved with other organizations on campus, are shocked at the amount of interest we have had so far.  We are just getting warmed up.

James, Jordan, Lucretia, and Bryce

Our First Table

Jodie and Karissa

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, October 10th at 6:30 p.m. in our University Center.  We will be discussing a general overview of the liberty message as a whole, announcing the individuals who will be taking on leadership roles in the organization for this semester, and going over some future plans we have at UW-Whitewater.  One of the highlights of our future plans is a debate between a member of the College Democrats, College Republicans, and our very own YAL chapter on November 1st!  This debate has yet to be finalized, but we have received confirmation of interest from both of the other organizations, we have support from the administration, and our campus-based radio station has agreed to broadcast it live.  We will be providing more information on this event when it is available.

We have a Banner!!

Wesley is interested!

So is Lance!

We have plenty of work ahead of us, and we are looking forward to the uphill climb.  We plan on leaving an imprint of liberty on this campus before the semester is up, and we have no plans on stopping there!

Josh and Bryce

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