YAL @ UNM Builds Coalition to Protest NSA

NSA Protest Poster

The University of New Mexico YAL chapter built a coalition with the Conservative Republicans group on campus to co-host an NSA Awareness and Protest activism event, ending the 2014 spring semester with a bang. 

We got the attention of students by dressing up like NSA agents and “listening in” on their conversations.

Trust me, I'm from the Government

Here is a video of our street theater activism and student reactions:

We built a giant banner that explained privacy rights protected by the Fourth Amendment and how the NSA is violating those rights. It was in the central plaza on campus and nearly impossible to ignore.

Daily Lobo Article

Our activism made headlines in UNM’s student newspaper, The Daily Lobo!  

We got 30 new sign-ups at the event and five new enthusiastic attendees at our meeting the following evening — which was very exciting, considering that most students were focused on finals and finishing up the end of the semester rather than getting involved with a new student group.

Group Photo

Liberty is popular with students no matter what time of year it is!

Building coalitions with different student groups, even though we may not agree 100% of the time, can lead to success!

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