YAL @ USC Fall Events

While the weather has been getting colder and the days shorter, YAL @ USC has been hard at work advancing the cause of liberty!

The last week of October, YAL @ the University of South Carolina constructed and displayed a Graveyard of Civil Liberties and paid respect to all civil liberties unjustly affected by current policy. 


  • Right to Privacy, deceased. Cause of death: Warrant-less NSA wiretapping and data collection.
  • Healthcare Freedom, deceased. Cause of death: “Affordable” Care Act and National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius (2012)
  • Right to Free Speech, deceased. Cause of death: Unconstitutional  relegation of speech to small, regulated “zones.”
  • Right against Self-Incrimination, deceased. Cause of death: Salinas v. Texas (2012) 

These are only a small sampling of civil liberties being trampled by current laws and policies. They are not the first and they will not be the last to fall victim to the advances of government power. Only through constant struggle can this be stopped.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” -—Thomas Jefferson

 Early in November, YAL @ USC was happy to host Jacob Hornberger and Sheldon Richman of the Future of Freedom Foundation for their presentation of “Freedom versus The State: The Libertarian Angle.” We had an impressive turnout of almost 30 people, students and non-students alike, who helped facilitate engaging discussion.




Topics of discussion ranged from the welfare state to the warfare state to the drug war. Jacob and Sheldon did an outstanding job representing the intellectual anchors of the libertarian philosophy!The discussion ended with an evaluation of the proper role of government in society, a profound question indeed. Jacob and Sheldon differed on this point, showing that there is more than one way to be libertarian. All in all, the people in attendance gained many insights into the libertarian philosophy.

Stay tuned, YAL @ USC has many more things in the works to advance liberty!


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