YAL USU Chapter (Utah State University, Logan, UT)

YAL USU Chapter has tabled several times this semester, adding numbers of like-minded patriots to their ranks. Students even dressed like patriots and colonial soldiers at tabling and Constitution Day events this year! Check out our pics:

YAL Berlin wall simulation, Nov. 2010

Larger than life Constitution with the message, "Honor Our Legacy," Homecoming street painting, Oct. 2010

Student signing up for USU Chapter at YAL tabling as Chapter President encourages in patriotic garb.

Students and citizens take part in Constitution Commemoration Celebration, 17 Sept. 2010

Students ask questions of Constitution Party Senatorial Candidate Scott Bradley after his remarks, 17 Sept. 2010

Constitution Day (September 17th) brought on a host of events, including an official, “We Read the Constitution” reading, tabling, hosting speaker Scott Bradley, a Constitution Party Senate Candidate, and last but not least, taking part in the annual Constitution Commemoration Celebration.

In October USU has a Homecoming street painting. We took part in that (see picture above ) and had a blast painting a huge Constitution and pertinent patriotic prose.

Also in October, several YAL members attended the Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School. This was a highly enjoyable growing and learning experience.

November brought a chance to team up with the College Republicans and give out some political info, donuts, hot chocolate, and a chance to graffiti the “Berlin wall” which we tore down at the end of the day! This was done in commemoration of the end of the Berlin wall 21 years ago.

December brings with it an upcoming Christmas party at a local gymnastics gym, owned by a YAL member’s family.

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