YAL @ USU Fights Mandatory Fees

The YAL chapter at Utah State is fighting the good fight against mandatory student fee hikes:

Utah State University students last week narrowly approved a fee increase to help pay for a proposed recreation center and to renovate the Logan campus’ intramural fields.

The fee, which will eventually rise to $150 a year once the facility is complete in 2015, will be used to pay down the bond needed to build the $30 million Aggie Recreation Center and Legacy Fields.


If there is demand, then the students who want to use the facilities should be the ones to pay for it, countered David Nilson, president of Young Americans for Liberty. Same with athletics, which was the subject of a contentious student-approved $130 fee hike three years ago.

“The whole fee program should be revamped. All fees should be voluntary,” said Nilson, a junior majoring in economics and constitutional studies. “That would grow a lot more respect for the university and help students save money and be more entrepreneurial. Most universities take the easy way out and impose these socialist fees.”

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