YAL @ UT-Tyler Protests IRS Corruption

Today, in the wake of the tragic devastation in Moore, OK, the American people rose in anger nationwide against the Internal Revenue Service. Upon learning of the U.S. Treasury Inspector General’s report that the IRS targeted conservative and constitutionalist groups in order to quell politically inconvenient speech, a groundswell of activism took place across the U.S. against the rogue agency. 

UT-Tyler YAL chapter president Adam Kirby represented YAL at the local protest in Smith County, Texas, which attracted approximately twenty protesters and four local media outlets, with less than twenty-four hours of preparation. Reception was very positive, with many a motorist sounding the horn in approval and support.

It should come as no surprise to the American people that Obama’s IRS engages in  tyrannical behavior. It is nothing new, as businesses and individuals suffered the same or worse during both the Clinton and Bush administrations. What’s changed is the tempo of information exchange and the advent of social media, whereby the people can circumvent mainstream news reports of important events, and observe processes more comprehensively. It also seems that the federal government, in its arrogance, hasn’t even bothered to conceal the IRS’s conduct.

Many Americans are rediscovering the fact that the IRS is a rogue agency that does not add value to the local community, or to the economy at large. They are finding out once again that the IRS is a mechanism of social control: whichever party is in power can use the apparatus to intimidate and instill fear in order to eliminate political enemies from the playing field of ideas.

We are approaching a crossroads, one at which each American will face a hard choice. We can choose the continued endorsement of a corrupt system based wholly upon destroying families, stifling the entrepreneurial spirit, and silencing free speech, or we can choose the dark frontier of civil disobedience, replete with unknown dangers, but holding the promise of a new paradigm.

From the economist’s point of view, it all comes down to the incentives in play — if the rational individual recognizes that continued compliance with tax laws  portends consequences more costly and dire than those associated with civil disobedience, we will see a collapse of legitimacy of the federal government in short order. Americans will refuse to comply with laws which they view as abusive, corrupt, or otherwise in violation of the social contract. This goes for drug laws, food laws, and most other arbitrary constraints on commerce.

The people will see that in the long run, confiscatory redistribution and picking winners leads ultimately to economic catastrophe. It will then be incumbent upon the American people to replace these failed systems with alternatives built not upon violent collectivism, but rather, upon the non-aggression principle and individual liberty.

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