YAL UW-Madison’s Constitution Day Activities

Many thanks to UW-Madison chapter member Shawn Kuhn for putting this short video together of our Constitution Day activities. We set up a table at the end of State Street on a section of campus that gets plenty of foot traffic.

We engaged in some interesting debates, handed out a lot of literature, and signed up quite a few new members. We distributed over 100 pocket Constitutions, to be more precise. We also handed out various literature promoting the cause of liberty, including information about S.604, the bill in the Senate to audit the Federal Reserve.

A more personal surprise of my own, even though it doesn’t appear on camera, was meeting a fellow follower of the philosophies of John Locke. If you were unaware, Locke was someone whose writings and philosophies heavily influenced the Founding Fathers. Research him and his works if you get the time, it’s well worth it. 

All in all, it was a good day! Those who did disagree with us, on whatever issue, were generally respectful and more than willing to engage in a good, friendly conversation. Something worthy of note was most were uneducated on how the Federal Reserve has run amuck and destroyed most of the value of our dollar. 

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